Never Disappointed

I’m never disappointed when I attend any life drawing session. Drawing the human form can make you feel like a master on some days and a beginning student on others.

As of late I have not only been focusing on the figure, but the figure within his or her space. There is an effect that every living form has on space, its a subtle and elusive effect but one that I believe can be captured within art.

For weeks now I have turned the idea of connection around in my head, specifically the connection of humans with earth. It seems we have separated so much of our daily lives  from the earth, our singular and constant source of life, that most of us yearn for a chance to get lost in its unspoiled spaces. Spaces which sadly have become harder and harder to find. Even now as I write this blog I recognize that my vehicle for these words is in itself the farthest from nature as possible. Yet, sitting here, typing, in some small way I am connected to the earth, I am effecting the world around me.

The Drawing


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