Determined to Learn

After yesterdays destruction through experiment, I stepped up to the easel today determined to learn from my mistakes.

I heard a story once, of a student who had just completed his best painting. In excitement he showed his great accomplishment to his teacher. The teacher promptly wiped the painting out and said “do it again”.

Completing a great piece of art is wonderful, but having the ability to complete a great piece of art repeatedly is the true power. Yesterday I destroyed a great drawing while experimenting with materials, today I was very happy that I was able to recreate the drawing with improvements. I took photos during the process of the drawing.

The Drawing Progression


The placement of my eye on the left is a bit off unfortunately.


I tried as hard as I could to get rid of the texture of the charcoal marks in the dark background but I couldn’t get it smooth at this size, so I took a photo of the work in very low light. The last photo shows the effect that I wanted.

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