Tree Study

Today was a very different drawing day. Instead of my usual realistic drawing of a subject, I focused on a tree study.

I was very interested in studying the trees that I was attempting to draw a couple days ago at St Marks Cathedral. Specifically I wanted to try and find the best way to simplify these trees yet keep their essence. Basically how far could I simplify this tree and still have it looking like a tree.



First I started sketching in my sketch book, but I ended up with a blob of what something that did not look like a tree at all. So I employed the help of my computer.


I used a photoshop filter on the images of the trees and then removed all their color. I wanted to see how a computer would simplify a tree, then I would attempt to mock that in some way.


Here I’m tracing the tree and with each new tracing I’m simplifying the shapes more and more. I trying to find at what point does the drawing cease to look like a tree.


More simplifications this time I tried to use more organic wavy lines rather than all straight lines.


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