Lately I have added crossfit into my daily routine and keeping that up along with drawing and working every day is becoming very taxing.

I was inspired today by a blog that I have been following for a while, Urban Sketchers. It’s a great blog that has followers from all over the world and they post amazing sketchbooks daily. Most of the sketches are wonderful such as this post which really inspired me to pull out my graphite and work in a very exact cross hatching.

I can’t believe that it took me an hour to work this small drawing to this point. I was even rushing a bit in the last half hour. I could really see myself working on a drawing in this technique for many hours. It may be something that I need to do, all my work as of late has only taken up very short spans of time with a main focus on learning to see every single day, but soon I may move into work with a focus on longevity. I wonder if I could last on a drawing that takes me 20+ hours to complete.

The Drawing


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