An Experiment

Today was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see how well I could handle, work, crossfit, then a drawing class.

I was pretty tired going into this class. I worked till 4pm then ran over to crossfit real quick so I could get done by 5. Then I rushed home, took a shower and then headed straight to a drawing class at Gage. My goal was to see if I could make the drawing class at 6:30 because traffic sucks. I ended up getting to Gage about 10 minutes before the session started, so that part worked out well. But, after about an hour into the class I knew that I would need to leave early because I was so tired.

The drawings went well, even though I wasn’t super focused. I started in sanguine because it seems to be my most familiar medium now and I tend to work well with it. The model tonight was really great, he was an older gentleman and much more interesting to draw than the normal slender young models.

The Drawings


After the first drawing, I pulled out some better paper (stonehenge) and changed up my approach. I don’t focus much on hands or feet and I have noticed that my drawings have been suffering because of that. So here was an individual with beautifully worn hands that really showed a long active life, and I needed to capture them. I’m glad we will be continuing this drawing again next week because his hands has as much character as his entire body.


Session Details