6 Months of Art

Happy 6 MONTHS OF ART! That’s right I have been doing some form of art every day for at least 30 minutes a day for six months straight!

Today marks my 178th consecutive day of doing art every single day, that’s exactly half a year!

I’m very glad that this milestone happened at my favorite drawing class on Wednesdays at A&C Art Supply instructed by the awesome Jamie Ballenbach. Although, I was really struggling today to pull off a good drawing. We started as usually with very short gesture drawings, 30 seconds in the beginning. Then I HAD to be a wise ass and comment out loud and sarcastically that I had way too much time. Boy, I regretted that when Jamie switched us to 10 SECOND drawings! Wow, we had no time at all to draw anything but one or two lines describing the figure. I think the rest of the class was cursing my name. Lesson learned!

After the gesture drawing were a few two minute drawings which I couldn’t get in the zone at all. Then I really lost it after our first 30 minute drawing. I started on our hour long drawing but after about 30 minutes I marked the whole thing out planning to go over it again but than switched to sanguine again.

I was so frustrated that I really felt like causing physical harm to my materials. I’m glad I had the good sense to realize how stupid that would be. So when I pulled out the sanguine I said to myself, chill out, be calm, don’t worry about making a good drawing, just get at least ONE thing right in this next drawing. In the end I pulled out a decent drawing and I got more than one thing correct in the last 30 minutes.

The Drawings

30 and 10 second poses
30 second poses
30 second poses
2 minute poses
2 minute poses
30 minute pose
1 hour pose, but I only spent 30 minutes on this drawing. The previous 30 minutes were spent on a drawing that is now erased.

Session Details