Not Knowing What to Draw

Another night of not knowing what to draw. I’m glad I have a shadow box, easel and paper setup at all times and ready to go.

Some nights I have no idea what I want to draw, and I’m not really inspired by anything, but I know I have to do something. The best cure for that is just to forget about any kind of inspiration at these times, don’t worry about making a work of art, just start with an object, arrange it with a good light and start drawing.

It so happens that tonight I realized after I had drawn this apple and cone that I setup a really good composition. Its simplistic, but definitely good. The focal point of the composition is the apple, and I have almost everything pointing at it and originating from it, the viewer can’t help but focus on the apple.

See, this is the thing about working on art everyday. Nothing can happen, no accidents, no revelations, no great pictures if your not working on something! Through work I setup the opportunity for discovery, and through analytically or critical thinking of my work I can recognize opportunities.

The Drawing


The Setup


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