New Model

Life drawing tonight with a new model, this was her first night modeling ever and she did a great job.

I think I need to stop using newsprint. I love that it is so cheap, and it does have a bit of tooth to it, but it has a ton of issues with charcoal. Sometimes the charcoal glides across it perfectly leaving a great line then, on other days its like a pen thats out of ink and just scratching paper.

The model was new today, this was her first session ever modeling and she did wonderfully. There was some drifting in the poses, but as artists its really up to us to adjust for the inevitable. All models will move and a bit through a pose, every pose will settle and be slightly different, we have to be prepared for it and plan. I think that is hard for a lot of artist I know I have struggled with it, I still struggle with it. One of the best things that I have heard an artist comment on was about the changing of a landscape. Marc Dalessio  commented on one of his videos that a landscape is going to change during the time you paint it no matter what, you can either “chase the effects” and struggle with completing a painting, or you can see it as an opportunity to see a landscape much better than the one you originally sat down to paint. The same is true for a model, I have done a lot of drawing from the model in the past few months and there have been lots of occasions where small changes in a pose make everything exciting.

The Drawings


30 second poses.


30 second poses.


30 second poses.


5 minute pose.


5 minute poses.

The next three drawings were done from the same pose that was repeated over four 15 minute sessions, I just picked up my easel and moved around the room a couple times. I was talking with Karen a fellow artist in the class and she had commented that the model was challenging to draw, and I would agree. But I didn’t think it was the model that was difficult, it was the pose that was difficult. It seems like the more dynamic the pose is the easier it is to draw. But when the weight of the pose is even, and there is not much transition in the body, this is where the minute accuracy is necessary. Its kinda like drawing a long straight line, like the roof of a house, or a railing, or a vertical beam, if the straightness of that line wobbles in the slightest it is very noticeable.


15 minute pose.

Here is where I’m having trouble with the charcoal not wanting to mark on the paper.


15 minute pose.


30 minute pose.

PS: This is the first night in a long time that I got a daily post out on time, go me!!

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