Bargue 2 Face 3

Bargue course plate number 2 face number 3

I’m definitely getting to know charcoal well. I’ve never had to sharpen the sticks so much to get such exact lines. During this drawing I was a bit distracted so my focus wasn’t up to what it should have been and the comparison shows that. I will need to do better tonight.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


Well, I’m getting my vertical distances down perfect, its the horizontal distances that I’m having trouble judging and measuring. I need to find a way to better measure a horizontal distance. I kept looking at the nose thinking it was too big, but then I would measure and it was correct. The issue was that the nose was not placed correctly it should have gone to the right just a small bit. Same wit the  crease in the mouth and the line to the right of the nostril.

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