Self Portrait Oil Painting

Tonight I was inspired by my previous post of my visit to the Rijksmuseum so I decided to do a self portrait. This was a short and small painting but I’m happy with the results.

For an hour and a half sketch this turned out pretty good. I feel like if I had worked a few more hours on it that I could be a really good self portrait. There area some drawing errors but overall I was able to capture the basic light and shadow shapes well.

The Self Portrait and The Subject, Me

inspired by Rembrandt I do a self portraitIt was hard trying to get a good picture of myself and the painting all in one. I like to take these pictures for posterity as well as when I write these post I compare the subject with my painting and make mental notes of what I can improve on. For instance, I think the shadow side of my face could be a bit darker, and the shadow cast on my neck could have a better shape and drop in value as well.

Session Details