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Continuing with this painting and my influence by Robert Liberace I’m seeing more values and colors in the body. I may be pushing it a bit at the moment but I believe that subtlety comes with experience.

Maybe after a thousand of these paintings I’ll have learned enough. But as it stands now I feel like, even though the painting I’m doing are pretty good, I have a lot to learn. I’m definitely seeing more colors now in the skin tones than I did before. Looking at the Robert Liberace works seems to have given me the insight to realize that I can push the colors more than I did previously. Some colors may have gone to far but I think the bigger issue here is structure. I need to think about what is happening under the skin while looking at the figure and try to depict that in paint. I want to give the body a since of volume and weight, but as it stands now it feels like a facade. Some of this may be due to the size that I’m painting. I may need to paint much larger.

As I typed that I figured I would get a painting by Robert Liberace and match it’s size with my painting. And, my theory is incorrect…

Size Compare

Well this just saved me a lot of money. I don’t have to buy larger paper now. And yes I have a ton more to learn. I’m also disliking the paper texture very much now, but I have new hot pressed paper on the way.

Seeing More
Seeing More
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