Second Drawing of Martin Luther King Jr Finished

After only three session I’ve finished my second drawing of Martin Luther King Jr. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever finished a Fandom Fitness drawing.

The reason why this drawing progressed so quickly is that I was able to arrive at accuracy in placement of the features quickly plus I’m getting more comfortable with the rendering being much more loose.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr Charcoal Drawing

I’m super happy with this drawing. This may be the best Fandom Fitness drawing I’ve done to date. Because the energy in the drawing matches perfectly with the motive of the subject. Several drawings previously have had one or the other but not both so closely matched.

Today’s speech I chose is not by Martin Luther King Jr but by his children and grand children. I find the video quite moving.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr

I’m read about much of the life of Dr King from his Wikipedia article and I urge you to do the same. Reading about his childhood, adolescence and his contributions to the Civil Rights movement has brought his spirit close to me as now he is even more relatable.

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One Minute Gestures

Today’s gestures took an unexpected turn. Even though this practice is coming from The Natural Way to Draw, I began using all the knowledge I’m gaining from Steve Huston’s book to draw the figures.

Warm-Up and Steve Huston Sketches

My sketches from Steve Huston’s book are so bad that I’m thinking about putting much more time in immersing myself in his book and New Masters Academy courses. But I need to look at my current protocols and see if this is of a higher priority than what I’ve already committed to.


Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Today’s sketch is of my fresh press that I use about 20 time a day to make tea.

The daily composition from today is of my neighbor carrying a gun from his apartment to his car. It’s legal… but still startling.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

My early morning deep creative work is so wonderful, I love it!

What needs work?

I need to get clear on my larger goals and break them all the way down into what I can do daily to make sure I reach them.

What did I learn?

With my second drawing of Martin Luther King Jr I’ve realized that I must, at any cost, create art that does more than just repeat nature. My art must communicate and do it powerfully.

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