Search For Figure Reference

Today I spent most of the session on a search for figure reference. I didn’t realize how hard it is to find good photos of the human figure.

I feel like I’ve just about exhausted the New Masters Academy figure reference. So, I searched online for any place where I could find good photos of model. There are a lot of resources out there but most either have bad photos or uninteresting poses. The biggest issue I found with most online resources is bad photos. From photos that were too dark to photos that were too flat because of camera flash.

I have to say that it is hard to beat the quality of most of the New Masters Academy figure reference photos. Even the NMA photo library is not without it’s flaws. Most of the earlier photos in their library are of low quality.

At some point if I find a website out there with good quality reference I will share it here. As it is now I don’t want to share¬†sites with content that is sub par.

If I only had the funds for it I would hire a mode for 10 or so session and do a painting directly from the figure. This of course would be the best way and I would learn a ton, but it is just too expensive for me currently. The going rate for a model here is about $20 per hour. So it would cost me $400 for 10 two hour sessions.

Search For Figure Reference
Search For Figure Reference
Search For Figure Reference, setup

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