Satsumas On Black: Session 1

This painting started out really well! I will have to attribute such a good start to the new substrate that I’m using.

To have maximum archival quality I’m now using birch panels. Previously I have been using canvas panels purchased at the store and with added coats of Gesso. I still add the coats of Gesso but I figured out a great way to coat the panel so its surface is exactly how I like it.

I never liked how coating a panel using a brush would always leave a brush texture under the painting, even after several coats and lots of sanding it would always show through. Now I coat the panel with a speed ball roller, the same used in print making. The texture comes out with very subtle ridges almost like a skin texture, very similar to the weave of canvas also.

Anyway, painting on this panel tonight was an absolute joy, I think I will continue painting on these for a while.

The Setup

The Subject

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