Samwise: Gesture, Contour and Potential Gesture

Lots of drawing again today. I had a ton of fun with all these drawing types today, lots of great practice.

I’m on the second schedule of exercises in the Natural Way to Draw book and the new thing introduced here is Potential Gestures.

Potential gestures are just like gestures but your not drawing what the model is doing but what you think the model will do next. At first I was anxious about this because I don’t work from memory or imagination at all but after the first few drawings I was having a ton of fun.

Nicolaides’s Says. “It is necessary to participate in what the model is doing, to identify yourself with him or her. Without a sympathetic emotional reaction in the artist there can be no real, no penetrating understanding”

In his book Nicolaides encourages the artists to enact what the model is doing and trying to feel their position. For the normal gestures I didn’t do this, even though it was encouraged, but for the potential gestures if found this to be so helpful it’s almost necessary.

I was getting some movement in every time I would flip to the next model I would try and strike their pose, imagine where I or they would move to next, then hurriedly sketch it out in the rest of the time the minute offered. Some turned out much better than I would have ever expected than others just fell flat.




This drawing is going smoothly. I’ve struggled so much with the fandom fitness drawings that it’s really nice to have one go well from the beginning.

What went well?

Lots of drawing done plus reading.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m not 100% today, I’m trying out something different with my sleep schedule and it’s not working.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I’m loving potential gestures and I really need to get in touch with my imagination more.

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