Hurricane Ridge

After trying to find another painting spot with shade at Hurricane Ridge and failing I began a long drive looking for a painting spot, and ended up half way home at Port Ludlow.

So I couldn’t find a good painting spot anywhere down the mountains from Hurricane Ridge. I checked out a few spots on the way and another park on the coast, but I ended up driving for a couple hours before I found this good spot. Lots of shade that didn’t change one bit and  good and simple scene.

The Painting


The Location


Wow… everything is so blue compared to what I was seeing. I’m not sure if this is the camera or maybe I didn’t notice at all.



I had a great setup here so there is no excuse for that being the cause of my painting issues. Here I made the distant shore values correct, but the closer island is too dark as well as the water is too dark in the distance. Making the island too dark compounded my issues throughout the painting because I made everything too dark and I think I was comparing against the island instead of the sky.

Session Details