Amazing Mountains

The beauty of these mountains is amazing and it was great to paint the snow on a beautifully prefect day.

I couldn’t do much hiking on hurricane ridge due to the 10 feet of snow covering the trails. But I was able to find this wonderful scene on the side of the road. It was such a clear day, I only wish that I had an umbrella, I would have painted three paintings here. But, the sun was moving very fast and I ended up with a bit of a sun burn and only one painting as my shade ran out.

The Painting


The Setup


Back to the Julian easel and sitting but, I was still using sight size here.



I continue to paint the distant objects much too light. Parts of the mountains should be a bit darker. Also the highlights in the trees should be light, and I can’t believe that I didn’t even notice the cast shadows on the top of the snow over the patch of dirt. I think the distractions of the changing scenery and sun was too much for me to stay focused on the painting and getting it correct.

Session Details