Olympic Peninsula

This was the start of my weekend painting trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I’m not very happy with this painting or the others that I did, but this is the first with a new setup and new technique.

I was a bit rushed to start this painting. After driving over three hours to get out here I wanted to get two maybe three paintings done. But due to this new setup and my forgetfulness I had forgotten my brushes for the first spot that I picked and had to walk all the way back to the truck to get them. After that setup, I decided to paint a different spot on the coast.

The Painting


The Setup


Here you can see that I’m using my new easel which is perfect for site-size. Although it was kinda hard to get this easel setup on the rocks and in a correct position. Then I realized that I had forgotten to fill my medium cup, which I had to do on the spot. Later to realize when I pinned my palette to the easel that I had filled it way too much….

Really the whole start to this painting was very annoying. I found that my palette was way too bouncy and I had to constantly support it with my left hand while mixing. Also my brush holder that I made up didn’t work well at all and it was a bit annoying throughout the painting. Needless to say I need to make some modifications to my setup and for the remainder of the trip I used my Julian easel. Which I was very happy that I thought ahead and brought it with me.



My main focus for this painting was the values and drawing, unfortunately I failed on both. I keyed the sky correctly, but the lighter part of the rocks on the shore is extremely inaccurate.

This was the scene that I was going to paint until I realized that I left my brushes back at the truck.

Session Details