Charcoal Drawing Frustration

It would be nice to have a good drawing soon, I’m getting really frustrated. I keep trying to remind myself to be patient and keep working on it but…

My studio is a million times better now with all the work that I have put into it, its almost done, and I have no excuse that my working conditions is causing issues. Now if my drawing turns out bad its simply because I lack the skill yet to do it correctly.

I became really frustrated on this drawing mainly because it never felt like it was coming together. I working hard trying to get the angles, distance and everything perfect, but I constantly have to adjust and adjust. Then after all that I still look at areas of it and think to myself something is not right, but I have no idea what is wrong. I thought it was the lack of value was making it look incorrect but after adding some value to the drawing everything just got worse.

I’m looking at one of my best paintings that I did so far this year and I’m thinking, it was an accident. If I tried to reproduce that painting I wouldn’t be able to do it again. I have to get better, I need to get better.

The Drawing

Charcoal Drawing Frustration: drawing before value

The Setup

Charcoal Drawing Frustration: Drawing setup

Drawing Comparison

Charcoal Drawing Frustration: drawing comparison

How can I improve the drawing

The entire width of the base is wrong, the fact is that I’m not measuring enough. I have already spent 2.5 hours on this drawing I feel like it should be much more than it is. I need to keep reminding myself to be patient, if it takes an hour to get 4 lines perfect, then take the time and do it. So many artist are caught up in time, they put so much importance on finishing something amazing and doing it fast. That’s great for master artists, but currently for me right now, I need to go very slow.

This is the drawing after throwing a bunch of dark values around. And that’s the problem, I just threw them on there. I think I need to get out the Bargue book and start from the very beginning, I have been avoiding it for too long.

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