New Still Life Tower

After working all day on my new awesome studio setup, I was able to utilize my new still life tower to do another site size drawing.

I didn’t take this drawing very far tonight because I setup my site size and the figure turned out to be way too small for any kind of detail. Lesson learned there, and I’m going to have to change where I place the still life in relation to my easel so that the figure is larger on the paper and I can really work into the detail.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison

30 minutes comparison
1 hour comparison
1.5 hour comparison

How can I improve the drawing

Again site-size drawing is really the way to go. This drawing was dead on at the very beginning and continued to be very close throughout. It’s so much easier to see the differences and changes when you can compare your drawing to a life size subject.

2 thoughts on “New Still Life Tower”

  1. Hi buddy,
    I found your works in progress very interesting. I have been working in oil paint for about ten years and really have had only a few times when ive been pleased with my efforts. Working the paint I’ve found very difficult and the tonal value stuff has driven me bonkers at times nearly all the time. I had some crap teachers over the years in weekend work shops. There seems to be a lot more very good artists in the USA willing to share their skills. I have not given up yet though have booked a 6 week Saturday morning course in Manchester England for mid November. So, I have my fingers crossed. The teachers work is stunning. Yes there does seem to be a lot more things available of late, I’ve noticed a few atelier type places opening up mainly around the London area. Anyway, good look for the future.

    Alan, Liverpool uk

    • Thanks Alan,
      I’m really amazed that you don’t have more opportunities in the UK, I was thinking that it would be very similar to the USA. I’m lucky that there is a big artist community in and around the Seattle area. But, I will say that everything has begun with my motivation. If I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be able to paint/draw everyday with the local classes or without.


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