Site-size Method

First time I have ever tried out the site-size method to drawing, and right away I could see its intuitiveness.

This is by far the most intuitive way to draw. I found it much easier to compare my subject with the drawing when I didn’t have to figure out size difference. Further into the drawing it became unnecessary to measure with my pencil, I could flick my eyes back and forth to see issues.

I don’t have my new taboret plan setup so I had to set some fruit on our tiny shelf above the fire place then use my easel at its most highest position. At some point when I get time I will do a lengthy post on my taboret master plan.

The Drawing


The Setup


This was about an hour plus into the drawing.



How can I improve the drawing

The drawing is super close, except for the apple, which I fixed as soon as I saw this comparison. I’m still trying to figure out why I got the apple so wrong. I think it is still hard for me to see differences that small I guess.



How can I improve the values?

Well the background is extremely far off, that should be much darker. And the difference between cast shadow and the fabric in light is much more close than I thought.

Session Details