Male Model Drawing

Life drawing class again. This is the first time in forever that I have had a chance to draw a male model. It was very refreshing, I wish my drawing were better though.

Life drawing with a male model. O stood for today’s class and my feet didn’t hurt too bad when I was done. I enjoyed standing as I was able to move around a bunch more and get away from my drawing easily. There were a ton of people in the class tonight, for the long pose I even drew in one of the artists sitting in front of me. Like always I had a great time.

What did I learn today?

  • Massing in blocks of value makes for a better looking drawing but really doesn’t help me to draw better, or get proportions correctly. The contour is the real challenge, and what keeps me on my toes and learning the most.
  • Press harder for darker areas, lighter for light areas. Feel the change in values and thickness in line needed for coutour and transfer that sensitivity to the drawing a most physical manner with the charcoal.
  • Make sure I have adequate light on my paper when drawing.
  • “You cannot describe an organizem fully without also describing its environment”… do the background.

The Drawings

1.5 hour pose
5 Minute poses
5 minute pose
30 second poses
5 minute pose
5 minute poses
5 minute poses

Session Details