Light On a Tree

I was having so much fun on Monday at Bitter Lake park that I painted a second painting, just because I thought that the light on this tree was very nice.

Let me start off by saying that I think this painting was a failure. Why was it a failure? It was rushed, the values are off, the drawing is really bad, and most of the painting was just very complicated fluff. But, I think I can learn a bunch from this painting.

The drawing is obvious, I know I need to draw every day and work my butt off on it. The masses of fluffy nothing craziness I know that I need to work on how to generalize such areas so they look convencing. But the most exciting here is how far the values are off, and why.

The Painting


The Location



No focus on drawing here, just value.



How can I improve the values?

This is crazy, I can’t believe that the yellow areas that I painted are so dark in value. I’m so misled by these high chroma colors that the value is completely wrong. This is definitely an indication that I need to work on dealing with very intense color and judging their values correctly. My only idea to help this is to use my phone on location and turn the painting into grey-scale so that I can learn to see the difference better.

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