1.5 Hours of Paintin

It has been about 10 days since I have done a painting, and this was a strange painting trip. After two hours of driving in the rain all day I ended up with only 1.5 hours of painting on location.

I was determined to do a landscape painting this weekend. I even filled my backpack with items to spend the night wherever I ended up. But, it was raining all day so the trip didn’t go so well.

I drove down to Enumclaw Washington and began looking at the state parks to try and get a good view of mountainous terrain. After driving around for way too long and not finding anything I finally settled on a scene by an over flowing river.

The most important thing for this painting while I was working on it was the values, I was trying really hard to get the values just perfect, I even worked on the painting at home from a photo of the scene on the ipad. Turns out that my values were much too light when painting from the scene. I noticed that issue as soon as looking at the ipad image, and began correcting, but I still find them to be far too light in some areas.

Also, I think from now on I’m going to opt for the closer painting trip rather than on farther out. The only way that I will go more than 30 minutes away to paint is if I know for sure that its going to be a nice weekend and I want to stay over night to get more than 4 paintings in over the weekend.

The Painting


The Setup

The scene from the edge of the river, at one point I was afraid that it would rise 2 more inches and I would be soaked.
Later in the evening fixing it from the ipad image.

My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color


No need to show a drawing image here, the drawing is incorrect enough to pick out the issues in the value photo.


Left is the photo with a Photoshop filter to simplify the values. Right is the painting photo before edits, lit by my crappy shop light.

This is the painting before my edits in the evening, unfortunately my studio setup really kills the values. But, I can still see that the work I did from on location has the background forest much too light and the foreground of the river much too light also. And yet, the large rock and land at the bottom of the painting is much too dark. I really need to be better at comparing values on location.

Left is the original photo with no edits. Right is the edits to the painting lit by my terrible shop light.

This is the painting after my edits at night. Background forest is still a bit light even after I darkened it. I’m not going to comment on any of the other value here cause my shop light is really killing any comparative that I can do.

Left, is the photo with Photoshop filter, Right is the painting after edits lit by natural light.

This is the edited painting taken in natural light this morning. I really would love to setup my studio with natural light, or bulbs that are close to natural light, but my apartment is way to small, definitely not a studio.

The painting is using straight titanium white for the lightest parts of the water so I know for sure that that is as high as it can go, which means that the surrounding area in the water needs to be darker. Basically most of this painting is keyed much too light.

Left, is the photo with no edits, Right is the edited painting taken in natural light.

Same painting photo as before but the photo of the landscape is without the Photoshop filter. And again my painting is too light.

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