Determined After Poor Performance

After yesterdays poor performance I was determined to really make a good effort today, so I started back into the castle, but after an hour I was loosing interest.

Determined to go as long as I could tonight on this drawing I sat down and began to really focus hard on this drawing trying to get the value and everything as correct as possible. About an hour into the drawing though I really began to loose interest in the subject, it just became very tedious. I was mostly done with the drawing anyway so I put on the finishing touches and decided that I was going to hit another subject before I was done for the night. That will be the next post.

The Drawing


The Setup


My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

The drawing turned out pretty close for such a small subject. I was really focusing hard on the bottom half of the castle and I re-drew a couple areas more that once to get them correct. Mostly I was constantly adjusting values.



How can I improve the values?

The charcoal is so light that a lot of the time I ended up wiping too much off and having to put it back. It seems like I went a bit too dark in some of these values, but I think that the relative values are good.

The more I look at this drawing the more I think that I need less detail. Again this come back too the other issue I have of being able to describe forms simply but accurately.

Session Details