Schmid Style

Lots of ideas going through my head while painting this still life, but my focus was “Schmid Style”.

I set this still life up and tried to get something in here with every primary color plus white and black. It turned out to be a lot of stuff but I painted it small so that it wasn’t too overwhelming. Although I think I’m going to try this still life again but with some of it removed.

Lots of ideas going through my head while painting this still life, but my focus was “Schmid Style”. I wanted to focus on this process of a quick and simple blockin’ with just  few simple strokes to indicate composition. Then pick out the focus of the painting and start with that and work outwards from this focal point. With each piece I would work on drawing value and color while loosely blocking in surrounding areas to help get values and color correct. At the end of this post I added images showing the painting progression.

This process what a lot of fun, very early on I was able to see where this painting was going and it was nice to break up the drawing into smaller sections rather than all at once at the beginning. I could mix in really exact brush strokes with quick flips of the brush to the canvas for areas that I wanted to quickly indicate without doing finishing strokes just yet. I even found it very easy to make adjustments while painting this way. I was never completely sold on one part of the painting and I had not issue with painting over foreground item edges with background color then cleaning them up to send a background element back. Or adjusting lines because drawing was incorrect, this process seemed very fluid and energetic while at the same time rewarding me along the way with finishing work. As I said in a previous post most of the work done on paintings is all done for preparation of final strokes and getting rid of any preparation and jumping right into final strokes is masterly.

The Painting

on day I will figure out this glare thing and eradicate it.

The Setup

Setup at the start of the painting
setup at end of painting

My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

Wow, what the heck happened to my drawing. I really think I took this picture at a bad angle or something, this drawing seems much worse than it should be. The only way to confirm is to paint it again, which I may do again tonight.



How can I improve the values?

In almost every instance the most intense colors come out too dark when I paint. When I squint the relative values are close here, but I need to work harder on getting those really intense colors correct.

Progression Photos


I liked the painting better when it was at its beginning stages. At 60 minutes into the painting I kinda killed it with too much background blocked in. I feel like the wavy edges that should be straight on this painting really make it look bad. I need to find a way to get those straight or totally make them stylistic… I think I will go for straight first.

Session Details