Life Drawing at A&C Supply

My second life drawing class at A&C Supply. After visiting the store again today I compared it with all the other art stores I go to and concluded that this one is the best. Its closer, good parking, friendly, and has everything I need.

Tonight we had a more robust black female model and I must say, drawing her was much more interesting than the previous models which were petite. Plus she could hold a pose perfectly for a super long amount of time. By far she is the best model I have had in Seattle, of course that is out of three models.

Even though she was very interesting my drawings were not the best tonight. A few of the quick poses were good, but the two long pose drawings seem to have major issues with proportion. I wonder if that was because of the nature of her pose. She was standing almost vertical for each, the second she was facing directly toward me. I feel like for that drawing to be good the proportions need to be absolutely perfect. I don’t think I was super far off on the drawing, but definitely I can do better.

Short post for tonight, I just went through my whole site and finally got all of my art posts in correct session and work order, it took super long, so its way past by bedtime.

The Drawings


Session Details