Improvement After 60 Painting Sessions

After what I thought was 60 painting sessions I went back to my first subject two months ago to see how I have improved. I’m very pleased with how this painting turned out.

So I thought that this was the 60th painting session or maybe I was close to 60 pieces of artwork, so I did this painting to see how I have progresses since the first painting that I did almost two months ago. Turns out that this is not the 60th session nor is it close to the 60th piece of art that I have done yet. I took a bit of time today but I went back through all of the works and made notes of when I painted them, what session and which number they were.

I added the first painting that I did in 5 years below this one and an easy comparison. I would say that I have improved tremendously in a short period of time. I really happy with the out come of today’s painting it is really showing me that my hard work is paying off, and it just makes me want to do more.

The Painting


The Setup


My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

Well I have definitely improved my drawing from two months ago. But how can I do better?

First, I can’t believe that I got the angle of the background board so wrong, its leading me to believe that I took the photo at a weird angle or something. Next would be for me to slow down a bit more for the compact parts of the painting, like the candle and the lotus flower in the center. I could have zeroed in on those shapes much better, I put them in there quickly and wasn’t as sensitive to each pedal as I could have been.



How can I improve the values?

I really need to do something about the glare on my canvas, I had to substitute my straight on shot of the painting for this one which was at an angle. Overall I think the values are pretty darn close, its hard to tell exactly what I could do better giving the conditions that I’m painting in with glare and all that. I couldn’t even use a color checker if I wanted to unless I build a better studio…

Session Details