Still Life With T-Shirt

I found my t-shirt today, so I decided to paint it with fruit and a coffee cup with it. First still life with a t-shirt I’ve ever seen.

Changing up the format today. After going to Daniel Smith art supply and buying some Fredrix canvas boards I learned that they suck without any Gesso applied. Not a big deal, I want this to be a longer painting so I’m just using this session as a study session for my t-shirt still life.

During this painting I did figure out what I wanted to focus on for my next paintings, Longevity and Drawing.  Of course I need to learn to draw better, that comes with time, but if I lack the ability to stick with a painting or drawing for more than an hour it is going to take forever to learn anything. I need to work on sticking with a drawing or painting for longer and longer sessions.

My process will be to time myself on how long I spend on an painting or drawing and try and beat that time next session. I also need to plan breaks in between, this may be the key to keep going for really long sessions. So tomorrow I will be really strict about timing myself and taking breaks. My goal will be 1.5 hours, and each painting after that I will increase the time by at least 5 minutes. So 6 painting from now I should be at 2 hours, 12 paintings 2.5 hours and so on. I may increase the time that I try to beat each painting by… On second thought I’m not going to set a time to beat it by, I will just try and beat my previous time, I’m sure that within 6 paintings I will be pushing 2.5 hours, then beating that time will be harder.

To sum up, here are my goals for the next n number of paintings and drawings.
Drawing focused and accurate.
Longevity and timing my sessions to beat my previous.

I took this pic after scrapping off most of the paint that is why it looks so horrible.



My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



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