Egg Carton Painting

After drawing the egg carton I decided to paint it. The drawing turned out better but not so sure about the value.

I wasn’t happy with the drawing of the egg carton and how long it was taking so I decided to do a painting of it. This didn’t take near as long and I was a bit more dashing with the brush then usual.   For today’s paintings I started using a bristle brush to lay in the beginning drawing and initial values.

I really like the feel of this, I wasn’t going easy on the bristle brush like my other monarch brushes due to their price and it was a nice an fluid way to start a painting. It seemed like a warm up or stretch you do before a focused workout. Getting the juices flowing before starting to get all serious.    




My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

This drawing was much better than the last. Although I know by looking at the inaccuracies as I go farther down that if I had done the entire carton the drawing of the bottom of the carton would have been pretty far off.



How can I improve the values?

I moved my easel today for the plein air painting I did and now I’m getting glare on my paintings… this is super annoying, not only can I not take a good picture but, trying to paint through a glare sucks.

Anyway, the values here are a bit dark but after pulling the values down on the picture everything seemed to match up well. So that means I have a good grasp of all the relative values for this still life.

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