Session #027, Work #023

More detailed drawing today. I was confident and wanted to take the drawing further.

I think it has led me to want to do some copies from my favorite master drawings or paintings.



The setup
The setup

I went a bit bigger this time, although I didn’t make the painting any larger. I felt that if I went larger I could get more of the detail in the face without resorting to super small work. Alas, I still drew it small.

I was confident enough on this drawing to take it further then the last two, I wanted to take what I have learned from the latest drawing and apply it much further into the progression of a painting. But, now that I look at it… I may just wipe it out before it dries and start over again tomorrow.

The photo of the painting was blurry today. This is a positive if your coping from an old master drawing, you don’t have to worry about the comparative being blurry also you don’t have to worry about three dimensions messing up the photo of the original and trowing off good drawing and making it look incorrect. The more I think about this more I may draw from an old master painting…. or one of my favorite paintings… now I’m really thinking hard on it.

My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

The drawing wasn’t that bad… still could be better. I am definitely improving which may be at a fast pace but still not fast enough for me. I want to be great now. I know that can’t happen, although I will do my best to get to greatness the best way possible.

I read a blog post on this great “Learning to see” website. The post talks about not just practice but focused practice and how it is best to not just practice, but practice correctly. Here is the post.

Funny thing, if I was an athlete and my dream was to be great at football or basket ball I would probably know right away that I would need to practice. But, not just play with the ball every day, I would know, like most people, that I would have to practice at particular physical activities so I would get better at whatever sport I wanted to play. Practice wouldn’t be effected unless it had clear direction. So why isn’t this applied to drawing, painting or most arts? Probably because its not seen as a very serious thing by most of the public. Gone are the days when being an artist was a career in close comparison to a banker, or a lawyer or something… seems like most things are not worth while unless they cause frustration or are bound to a schedule. I bet that if any banker came to work every day having a ton of fun and a good old time most people would think he is slacking off. Reminds me of a funny Sienfield bit where George was slacking off all day and to fool his boss into thinking that he was working hard he just had to look frustrated and on the verge of mental breakdown as his boss walked by his office. His boss would look at him and think wow he’s working his tail off.

Well to hell with that, I’m going to have fun at my job, at life, and at doing art. And if anyone thinks I’m slacking off I’m going to say “hell yeah I’m slacking off!, cause I figured out the secret asshole!”

end random rant here….

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