Second Favorite Class

My second favorite class of the week at Gage Academy. The model was late today, but that was fine, I was early and a skeleton was there.

The Drawings


No model yet, but here is a skeleton and a nice light. I spent about 30 minutes on this drawing, the detail that is necessary to describe a skeleton correctly is daunting.


Here is the classroom setup with the skeleton and light. Later the model will be on the stand on the right.


20 minutes


20 minutes


20 minutes. I like this one a lot, I got lucky with her face and I think I actually captured a likeness.


20 minutes


20 minutes


20 minute pose again, but for this one I was trying to go as quick and loose as I could. I wanted accuracy, and the whole figure. I was trying to challenge myself.


10 minutes, just a bit of fun at the end.

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