Life Drawing on My Birthday

Life drawing at A&C on my birthday. This is my favorite class, I couldn’t miss it even though it was my birthday.

Happy birthday Jamie Bollenbach! The fact that he has the same birthday as me was pretty crazy, although I believe he is older than me.

I had a good drawing night, I worked in sanguine some, then I had some fun with form drawing with a big hunk of charcoal, thanks to Berry for giving me a huge chunk. The last 1 hour drawing of the night was spent mostly thinking about subject. I was thinking about what I wanted to capture in the figure, what I wanted to say, I was thinking about all kinds of things. Jamie was pushing me to do more than just reproduce what I see. I still have a lot of thinking to do.

The Drawings

1 minute poses
1 minute poses
1 minute poses
1 minute poses
1 minute pose and 2 minute pose
2 minute poses
2 minute poses
2 minute pose
10 minute poses
1 hour drawing, trying something new here.

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