PF Chang

I drove north to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood because I was going to meet for dinner later at night. I was lucky that there was a bench looking right at the horse outside of PF Changs.

I really need to get comfortable with watercolor. Even though I’m only using one color, lamp black, I’m still pretty timid with it. The plan for this drawing was to see if I could work with watercolor in the same way that I was working with charcoal yesterday, with big blocky strokes at the beginning and then refine as the drawing progressed. I expected to make a mess of the drawing because I was certain that after I put down a dark area of watercolor that it would be impossible to move around, and I was correct in my assumption.

I didn’t try re-wetting the color to move it around though. I’m fairly certain that re-wetting would be problematic. Any time I have added water again the water would tend to push the pigment to its edges creating a very un even value. I need to play with re-wetting at some point, their may be some merit to it.

Well, I can’t work graphite and watercolor like I was working charcoal. I believe this is a good thing, graphite and watercolor do not lend themselves well to a sloppy technique, so these are good tools for keeping me focused and accurate. Although when looking at this drawing a second time, I see some sloppy areas that I should have been more focused with.

The Drawing


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