Behind On My Posts

I’m a bit behind on my posts again, so today I will be catching up. This was a short drawing that I did in the bathroom, I liked the shadows cast by the shampoo.

Short drawing on the first of the month. I purchased another sketchbook and I was itching to try it out with a nice watercolor wash. This is the same size and company as my other sketchbook (Stillman & Birn) but the only difference is that the paper is a hot press, smooth. I believe this is the Zeta series 7″ X 10″. I was recommended the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks by Aaron at A&C Art supplies and I have thanked him several times for introducing me to such a great sketchbook.

The smooth paper worked well for the graphite on this sketch. Its not a great sketch but it served a good purpose, to get a feeling for how graphite would work on a smoother surface after it has been toned with a watercolor wash. I did notice right away that the graphite became reflective very quickly, much more quickly than the rougher paper of my other sketchbook. But, when putting down a large area of graphite this paper had much less stippling and crackling between the value.

As far as the sketch goes, I was sitting on the toilet with my materials and just started drawing. Sometimes subject really doesn’t matter. As long as I’m inspired or motivated by anything to draw, I just go for it.

The Drawing


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