Back Home

After a long day getting back home, visting with my in-laws, cleaning the apartment, loving the cats and dinner. I was completely out of energy, I barely managed to do this quick drawing.

Getting off the ship after a late night carrying all our luggage plus the extra 10 pounds we gained while on the ship I was tired. Then we waited for a bit for our ride to pick us up and drive half of our group back to the apartment so Pattie could drive back and pick up the other half. When we were al united at the apartment we went out and got dinner at one of our favorite places, Panera.

Then we came back to the apartment and watched “Chasing Ice”. A great film by James Balog and his goal as an amazing photographer to educate people about climate change and the disappearing glaciers. Check out the movement at the Extreme Ice Survey Website.

After a long day we dropped the in-laws off at the airport at about 8pm and by the time I was able to sit down and realize that I still needed to do a drawing, I was super tired and ready for bed. So, I quickly setup one of my still life objects on my black desk and sketched. Its terrible, but I did it. I completed my daily goal.


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