Off The Ship

This was the first sketch of the whole trip that I did off of the ship. We ported in Victoria Canada and before a long walk around the city I sat down and sketched this great fountain.


I love when a city provides not only a great pice of artwork to draw but a comfortable seat to view it from while you draw. We got to the city at 6pm, just enough time to catch some good light and long shadows.


I only spent about 45 minutes on the drawing before my urge to explore the city took over. I was happy with the focus that I put into the drawing also.


This amazing structure is a government building in the center of victoria. I wish I had a building like this close in seattle I could draw it for months.


There are also totem poles all over Victoria. Its nice that they honor the original natives of the north west here.


Through my long walk a found this great park. As I walked I was noticing all kinds of compositions that would make a great painting or drawing. If I lived in Victoria I would never run out of exciting things to paint.


Some of the houses here were amazing, and as I walked I noticed that there were a lot of bed and breakfast places. I see a return trip to Victoria in our future.


Alas, back to the ship. This was our last port before we retuned to Seattle. As I walked up to the ship I was wondering who was going to clean my room every night at home. Where was I going to get my 5 course meals from every day! What would I do without a 24 hour gourmet buffet?!?!


I passed by this painting often while on the ship. This was an original, not a print. Actually, this whole staircase had an original painting on each deck. And every painting was of different versions of the Westerdam through the years. All of the paintings were well done.


This painting was on the top observation deck. I thought the subject matter was great! And I’m glad that the person choosing this painting said, “I don’t care if their all on fire, its a great painting”!


On deck 8 there were nothing but old master etching reproductions up and down the hallway on both sides. There had to be close to 300 prints just on this one deck.


One last pic off our balcony as we sail for home.

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