Ketchikan Alaska

Our sixth day on the ship, we made port in Ketchikan Alaska and I did a quick drawing again at the Ocean bar.


With all the fun we were having on our cruise I found it hard to stop and make time for a sketch each day. But I made a promise to myself that I would do at least 30 minutes each day. On this day I did the minimum, and I felt great about it. It doesn’t matter how small, or short, I’m moving forward every day.


Ketchikan was a great looking town and the weather was great! Yes, it was great I mean that, I really like the cool damp rainy days. The air is crisp and everything is cool and clean.


A nice sculpture greeted us as we got off the ship. I love sculpted figures, they are the best to draw from.


For our excursion today we took a trip on a boat to an island off the coast. We say all kinds of bald eagles during the trip.


The beaches in the north west are great, no sand, just perfect skipping rocks everywhere.


On the island we did a walk through the wilderness with a guide that talked about the local flora an fauna. This is a picture of an overturned tree, and its massive!


It was a very easy hike through the woods, on a day like this I could have hiked all day.


After our excursion we hit some of the shops before we had to board the ship again. At one of the shops we say this amazing Mamonth tusk that was carved stunning detail. There was probable over 100 animals carved into this tusk, it was very beautiful.

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