Margerie Glacier

Another day at sea all day, but this day we stopped next to Margerie glacier far north of Juneau and it was amazing!


These huge vases were scattered throughout the ship. I chose one at the mid ship area, what I am now calling the artists studio area of each deck.


At this point in the cruse the laziness from being pumped full of food constantly was setting in so I didn’t feel like really focusing on intense measurement of the subject. So I used a technique that I learned in Jamie Bollenbacks life drawing class, where you work up the  subject through a fog of strokes. Its kinda like daydreaming while drawing and making hundreds of proportional mistakes but only allowing the correct strokes to dominate. Its a great way to do a drawing in a very playful manner.


I thought that the cascade mountains in Washington were beautiful, but the mountains in Alaska take it to a whole other level.


I could stare at them for days, the pictures will never do them justice.


I was mesmerized by the wave forms created by the ship along with the reflections of the mountains, it was like waves in glass.


And then we arrived at Margerie Glacier. If you have never seen, and heard, a glacier from a mile out to see then I would say put it on your bucket list. Its is truly awe-inspiring.


On our way south again, and here is a view from a deck 3 port hole.

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