Best Sketching Day on the Ship

By far the best sketching day on the ship. I came back to this figure on deck 5 twice, once in the morning and once at night.

I was constantly surrounded by artwork while on the ship and this sculpture was setup like an artists studio. Good lighting and a comfy seat, if they only had an easy then I would have brought my paints.


This sketch was tremendous fun, it made me really want to get a full figure sculpture and draw from it constantly. It would be like a figure drawing class every day!


Now we have hit our first port, Juneau Alaska. Our excursion for this port was call “Bike and Brew”. We were bused a few miles out of Juneau where we were given helmets, water and bikes. Then we embarked on a 8 mile bike ride to Mendenhall Lake, which was fed by the Mendenhall glacier. You can see the glacier in this photo way in the back left.


It was a great day, maybe a bit too hot, but the bike ride was a lot of fun. And looking at this picture I can’t wait to get back into crossfit and shed a few pounds.


At the end of our bike ride we ended up on the other side of the lake at the Mendenhall  visitors center. Check out the icebergs in the lake!


A park guide was there showing us how clean and clear the ice is. Its so clear that it only reflects the blue spectrum of light, that is why glaciers look so blue.


After a fun day in Juneau we had to get back on the ship to continue our journey.


Here is a picture of the port at night, there were a total of 5 cruise ships at port on Monday. We figured that Juneau was inundated with about 10,000 tourists all at once on one day, no wonder tourism is one of their big money makers.


The moon over the sea… so beautiful.

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