Full Day on the Ship

The first full day on the ship, and the awesome thing about this ship is the great sculptures on every deck. Here I try and capture a bust on deck 7.

Up early this morning and off to mid ship to sketch a bust next to the elevators.


Not only did they have a sculpture on each deck but they had great seats close for great observation.


The sketch went well. There were several light sources with some interesting cast shadows.


The hallways of the ship were very long, and it would take a few minute to get to your stateroom. Every time I would look down one of these hallways I was reminded of Steve King’s  “The Shinning” movie. Another Great thing about Holland america, they had reproductions of great art up and down every deck.


View from the top of the ship, on our way to Alaska.


A nice panoramic picture off the side of the ship, the sea was super calm on our trip north.


I think this picture was taken after 11pm. It was foggy and quiet with a light sound of the water passing against the ship, every evening on our balcony was very serene.


The had some great shows every night at the main stage, tonight was an opera.

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