Fun Day Sketching

I had a very fun day sketching. I was able to catch a good sketch of my cat during lunch break, and for dinner I walked to central marked and sketched a tree in the parking lot.

The Drawings


Say hello to “the kid”, we call him kiddy. This is my pal he is with me every day and he is the best cat in the whole world. He had a very extended cleaning session in his favorite chair today and I was able to capture him keeping his coat extra soft, before he took a nap.


A photo of the sketch in better light. I’m really loving my sketching setup now. Its so simple and easy to get going.


There was a tractor outside of central market that I was going to sketch but I didn’t like the light on it so I decided to sketch this tree, and focus on generalizing the shapes of foliage convincingly



A photo of the sketch while I was on location.


The sketch in better light. I know that one of my weak points is the ability to generalize very complicated masses of fluff, like trees, bushes, grassy areas, a mess of piled up twigs… etc. These things are so hard to generalize correctly, the only other alternative is to draw or paint every single leaf, and I don’t have any patience for that.

Session Details