Great Sketching Day

I had a great sketching day today, after testing out some ink wash I sketched on my balcony, at the mall and in my kitchen.

I sketched at three different places today and had a great time doing each one. I was testing out how to work with an ink wash today, so that part of the sketching will be a bit rough.

The Drawings


Here I was seeing how the paper would react to water… which wasn’t very well, It buckled a bunch. The in is watered down a so its not a very strong black at all. That way I can start out light and build it up for darker areas. I did discover that the combination of a light wash and graphite over, works really well. Although I did try and lighten up some areas with white chalk and that didn’t work at all. I need to get in the habit of not touching the lighter areas with the wash.


I found a nice spot at the mall so I could do some sketching at the food court. I was thinking about focusing on sketching the people but I felt too much like a the weird guy staring at people in the corner so I just focused mainly on the architecture.

You can also see that I was using this page earlier to test out some ink washes. What is interesting is that the lines you see here that are created from overlapping of strokes with the brush don’t happen on actual watercolor paper. The brush strokes blend really well on watercolor paper but with this paper that is mainly for drawing I get these darker overlap lines. I will have to trade out my sketchbook soon.


This one was my favorite of the night. I stayed up very late just sketching my kitchen counter.


Here is my drawing after more than 30 minute of working on it. I had this really perfect drawing done with very light pencil then I basically obliterated it with an ink wash. I couldn’t even see most of the pencil, but I was very confident that I could bring it back and reproduce the drawing.


About 1 hour into the drawing.


After 1.5 hours I ended up with a drawing that I really liked. I enjoyed the process a bunch, I need to change out this paper for watercolor paper and train more in watercolor so I know how to use these washes better.

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