Finished Plate 5 of the Bargue Course

I finally finished plate 5 of the Bargue course. I half rushed through this one, for some reason I was getting very bored of this same drawing for three sessions.

I don’t know why, maybe because I spent three different short sessions on this drawing, but I was getting very bored of it and I wanted to just get it finished so I rushed through this one a bit. The drawing accuracy is not as good due to my lack of focus, but I hope to figure out why this session bored me so much and change it.

I’m doing the Bargue drawing course to train my eyes to see minute differences when comparing objects and connect my brain and hand so I can accurately render. But, I do what it to be enjoyable, I don’t want this to be boring or anything close to something I hate. If I continued to do this even when I hated it I would probably associate drawing with something awful and never do it again. So, before I start the next plate I will have to figure out what it is about this process that bores me and make the change, until then, I will be sketching from life.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


This comparison should have been closer if I didn’t rush. Most of the rush was on the toes and it really shows.

Session Details