Sometimes Thursdays go well, then there are Thursdays like today. I ended up working late, and was up very late for a release, so not much drawing done today at all.

I only had enough time to do about 30 minute of drawing on the Bargue plate 5 before I had to do some more work stuff. So tonight ended up being a very short drawing session. To make up for the short Bargue drawing session I got out my sketch book and was doing some sketches while I was at my desk. The didn’t turn out well, but that really isn’t the point of me doing this every single day. The point is to keep my brain and eye working together, and drawing as much as possible, training my eye every day, making the translation of a three dimensional environment into a two dimensional piece of art a habit.

The Drawing


Still working on the foot.


I setup my Buddha statue on my printer and did a very, very linear drawing… Way too much line, then I drew my hand that was resting on the desk.

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