Bargue Plate, Foot

So I have finally arrived at a Bargue plate that only has one drawing on it, but this one is much larger, and harder.

All the Bargue drawings that I have been doing up until now have been pretty small, and I found the size of this drawing much more difficult to compare for inaccuracies. To combat the size of the drawing I used the guide and tried to understand the best way of breaking down the form into simple parts.

This drawing is so big that it will have to take on at least two sessions.

The Drawing


30 minutes into the drawing, this is almost exactly the same as the guide, and the arch of the foot is proving to be problematic right away.


60 minutes into the drawing. Here I’m breaking down the form into more angles but still keeping the lines fairly straight.


90 minutes into the drawing I have started on the shadow shapes, and still have a lot of the drawing left to accomplish, it will have to wait for another day.

Session Details