Not Much Artwork

Not much artwork finished tonight, just a Bargue drawing. Plate 4 and ear number 6.

I tried to be as accurate as possible on this one, taking as long as possible to get everything just right, and it still took me just under an hour.

One thing that I have been neglecting on these Bargue drawings is following the guides closely. I was thinking about it yesterday and I realized that their importance lies in the training of how to simplify forms, rather than the minute accuracy leading to a finished drawing. I will have to re-double my efforts after my trip this weekend and focus not only on accuracy but also on simplification of forms.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


Just a couple errors here. The height of the ear is off and the width is off a bit. Most of the internal lines are very accurate though. You can’t really tell with this photo but the differences here are 1/8 of an inch or smaller. At some point I hope I train my eye enough to notice these very small differences.

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