Something Different

Instead of doing a Bargue drawing tonight I decided to try something different. Nature provides an unlimited amount of subject matter, I just went to my balcony and picked one.

I tried painting a leaf a while ago, it was a large dried leaf and the painting turned out really bad. As charcoal is easier to manipulate I figured I could improve with this one.

A few weeks ago I used India ink and water to tone some Arches watercolor paper a nice grey. Unfortunately it was a big sheet of paper and I wasn’t used to toning, so it turned out with a lot of variation in value. The value variation was a bit organic so I felt it to be fitting considering my subject. It was also nice to get some good use in on the white chalk and figure out its properties a bit better.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing comparison


I’m not really sure if the drawing here is really that far off or if my camera is distorting the image.

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