Last Bargue of plate 3

This is the last drawing for plate 3. It will be nice to move on to another plate, I only feel like I’m making progress when I complete a whole plate.

I have been toning the paper lately. Not prior to doing the drawing but after the initial stage of the drawing, before I put down my finishing lines I will rub charcoal over the paper darkening it a bit, softening the initial lines. It’s very similar to scraping a painting then working into it, the drawing is there and done, now the focus is on the surface.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


I worked fast on this one, I keep wanting to put in lines with flourish and command. Yet I fear my lack of accuracy. A few mistakes here, the worst of them is the top and left of the eye, considering this was right next to the major intersecting vertical and horizontal line that I placed at the beginning, it should be more accurate. I think the speed as to which I was working caused this.

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