Session #113, Work #112

I was going very fast on this drawing. I had just got home from my painting class and I wanted to get this drawing started at least. It was very interesting with the different setup. I was correct on my previous statement, it was very difficult in sizing up the vertical measurements for this setup.

I utilized the guide a bit here to get the drawing setup but I quickly realized that I couldn’t look at the guide for any measurements at all, I had to measure completely from the subject.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


This is after about 40 minutes of drawing, and the photo is very blurry.


This is the normal method that I use to compare my drawings. I take a photo, then I outline my drawing in Photoshop, then I take that outline layer and duplicate it then move it over the original for comparison. As you can see in the above drawing it is completely and totally wrong, I don’t think there are more than two lines that are correct here. Now, I know I was going fast but I was sure that my accuracy wasn’t that bad so I did the following.

My drawing traced on tracing paper and placed over the original.

Holy cow! Look at the difference. My iPhone camera really distorted the previous image so bad that it was ridiculous. I feel much better now, my drawing really isn’t that bad, I was fairly accurate even with this new vertical setup. From now on I’m going to trace my drawing with tracing paper and overlay that  on the subject and take a photo.

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